Brereton Law Office

The Brereton Law Office has successfully represented numerous companies and individuals in business disputes involving fraud, breach of contract, unfair competition and collections.

Many businesses find themselves in legal disputes that have been forced upon them, either as a result of broken contracts, false promises, unpaid receivables, or even false claims asserted against the business. In all such cases it is very important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible to preserve all of available rights and defenses. The Brereton Law Office provides experienced, pragmatic advice for the business in need, and has been representing businesses in this capacity for more than twenty years. Other Business Disputes handled by The Brereton Law Office include:

  • Disputes between and among businesses
  • Breach of partnership agreements
  • Breach of employment-based contracts
  • Breach of shareholder contracts
  • Contract negotiation disputes
  • Business fraud, misrepresentation, false information, deception
  • Collections, broken agreements, and contract disputes
  • Disputes between partners, members, owners or stockholders
  • Business dissolutions and partitions

If you are currently involved in a business dispute, you need legal representation. Please call 831-429-6391 to schedule an appointment with an experienced business attorney.